The Ultimate Career Promotions Plan: A 3-Part Series for Hoteliers


As the festive season is now upon us; time for reflection and direction! As professional hospitality recruiters, we market the careers of special hoteliers every day. It’s our core competency and over the past 15 years; and we have refined it very well. 


Do you want to promote your career, then read on to get your own career marketing plan off to a planned start in 2018. I have created a 3-part blog series around 1. Career Marketing Plan, 2. Lead Generator Program, and 3. Personal Branding.


A successful career marketing plan centers on connection strategies for a systematic and managed job search. The career objective (career strategy and direction) and the functional strengths (marketable knowledge assets) form the genesis of the connection strategy, which both optimize the communication tactics to maximize job interviews in key job channels. Today, a prime market channel is LinkedIn, as well as RSS job feeders, and strategic acquisitions.


Your career search is a communication strategy; and aligned to your career objective. Using a job lead funnel methodology, you use a dynamic lead generation process of finely-tuned connection tactics, scripts, and touchpoints (points of engagement) to nurture employer interest (job-readiness) in your candidature. 


We call them touchpoints. The touchpoints levels range from T1 to T6; six stages of nurturing! This proven approach is non-invasive and structured around soft reinforcement of your functional strengths to potential hospitality companies. Your career marketing strategy should be a 5-step process:


  1. Target MarketUse Career Objective to generate pre-qualified ALL leads. 
  2. What is being offeredMarket functional strengths to qualified leads to gain interest.
  3. Tactical approachUse the job-lead funnel to generate and manage all qualified leads.
  4. Action PlanUse touch points to engage and nurture leads and create interest for your marketing assets (functional strengths).
  5. Measurable OutcomeAchieve a 1st Stage job Interview. (Target conversion rate is 15%; funnel size will depend on position, but 1,000+ is the norm)


Lead Connection Strategy

Compile comprehensive target marketing list of suitable companies that match your career objective. Using a job-lead funnel approach, you manage all leads based on ideal fit and job-readiness, through refined communication tactics (engagement touchpoint initiatives) to determine job-readiness with potential employers. The key tactic is to gain employer trust through shared understanding of the sector where you have functional strengths.


So are you ready to promote your career today? Now you have the tactics and approach to kick off 2018 to a career-changing start. Part II will be about managing your Lead Generation channel.


As always, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or return email. Have a great weekend!

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