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I get asked often; what is the best way of managing my job search? Well, you are in luck this week. I have taken the job lead funnel from our Masterclass marketing section for your review. 
A job lead capture system is based on a managed process of touchpoints (T1-T5) to nurture pre-qualified leads through your funnel. Ideally, high-quality leads should mature within 40 days, resulting in a job interview. This overview aims to explain the market channels, the rationale for lead nurturing, and stage labelling. Supporting documentation can be found at Masterclass Support Documentation.
There are four key job market channels. LinkedIn, Strategic,  RSS , and Job Automation leads. Collectively they give you the widest coverage of the hospitality job market. We recommend to use the free app STREAK that can be added to your gmail or email client.
1. LinkedIn Leads: Organic 1st level LinkedIn connections are uploaded via a .csv file to streak for pre-qualification. Only high-quality leads will be moved to your master Mailing List, the remaining are transferred to M0 for further nurturing. In addition, high-quality “known leads” are transferred to T4 (targeted nurturing) for immediate follow-up. These leads will form the bulk of your mailing campaigns to showcase your functional strengths. New LinkedIn leads will be uploaded via job automation for pre-qualification. Forming over 50% of the lead generation pipeline, it’s prime.
2. Strategic Leads: After uploading your LinkedIn leads, strategic leads form the 2nd market channel at the M1 stage. Aligned to your career objective, you will start to compile strategic leads that fit your career direction. Lead sources are LinkedIn Groups, “prior known contacts”, and companies that fit your career objective, etc. Using the LinkedIn search function, you will use “hotel group name AND position title” to gather the best lead/s. Send T1 connection request, move strategic lead to T1 stage to await confirmation and add a reminder (5 day follow-up) and comment to Streak lead box. This market channel forms 25% of leads in the pipeline, pending on processing daily 10-15 leads.
3. Job Automation Leads: Based on your profile optimization, we collect via IFTTT into your Google Drive all job suggestions and jobs from companies you follow (T5), as well as new LinkedIn connections (M1). Except for new connections, these leads enter pipeline at T5 stage for research in LinkedIn/pipeline for application tracking. This market channel forms 15% of lead generation.
4. RSS Leads: Using, we track all job-boards, company career websites, job advertisements, and Google Alerts for suitable advertised jobs. Using a tagging system, these leads are loaded at T5 for detailed company intelligence gathering. Again, we research in LinkedIn Global Search and Streak pipeline to identify qualified leads that may assist us in the job application process. HOT-TIP! Ensure that all market channels use your designated Gmail account for a dynamic, centralized job management system through Streak. RSS leads comprise of 10% of the generation pipeline.
STAGE MANAGEMENT: Essentially, there are 2 parts to your job pipeline; the marketing stage (M1 and M0) and the sales nurturing stage (T1 to T6). Only high-quality leads that fit your career objective are moved to sales nurturing pipeline; low-quality leads go to M0.
Furthermore, the bulk of your leads will be centered in the T2 Stage; the Master Mailing-list. This is the prime nurturing stage to showcase your functional strengths. This is facilitated through the mail-merge tool by directing your T2 leads to your LinkedIn Pulse feed and ultimately back to your LinkedIn Profile webpage. HOT-TIP! Do not offer web links (standard referencing only) that take your T2 leads beyond your LinkedIn Profile; close the marketing loop around your leads and measure your mailing effectiveness through likes/responses/comments/etc. to modify channels and content quality.
Content marketing centers on functional strengths. You can select marketing tactics via case study, opinion piece, or industry news commentary, as long as you are bringing your audience to your functional strengths. This will cement your Personal Brand in LinkedIn as a subject matter expert.
Post published LinkedInPULSE articles across Twitter, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Groups to future promote yourself outside your T2/T3/T4 mailing lists. Set up weekly post drafts for better content sourcing. Use feedly to source supporting articles and tag as T2-linkedinPULSE for easier management.
Any T2 leads that leave comments, likes, response via email, or via social media, WVYP, move them to T3 for more detailed nurturing. 
I'll be circulating more information next week, so stay in touch. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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