A Best-In-Class LinkedIn Summary: 5 Data-Driven Job Search Tips

06-08-2018   By  Axel Koster 

Another great week for many hoteliers, with occupancies going up in key global markets. Had the opportunity to visit Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Los Angeles over the past few weeks; career jobs up everywhere! Based on some recent research on our extensive LinkedIn connections, I thought I list some timely tips to get your LinkedIn profile up and “found”.

Be ready when opportunity comes knocking: A complete LinkedIn pro?le will make you more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn – aim for what is now called “All-Star”. Increase your pro?le views 12x by adding your two most recent work positions, 13x by listing your skills and 14x by including a photo.

Don’t leave your job search just because you’ve left your desk: Join the more than 1 million hoteliers who are already using LinkedIn’s Job Search app for iPhone. 50% of job applications are submitted within the ?rst three days a job is posted. Applicants who apply for a job within the ?rst three days are 20% more likely to land the position. Be sure to also check out other useful job search apps for such as www.indeed.com, the world's largest job aggregator. This RSS feeder is perfect for FEEDLY, that we cover in our career marketing program at Manhattan Group.

Take some cues from other hoteliers: VPs and Group General Managers in the US who were newly hired from March to November 2017 showed some common trends in their LinkedIn activity in the three months prior to their new jobs. 80% were sending connection requests, 50% were participating in groups and 40% were engaging on LinkedIn via shares, likes, and comments.

Nurture your professional relationships: When looking at the pool of all new US hires from March to November 2017, approximately 83% were using LinkedIn in the three months prior to their job changes, 45% were endorsing their connections and 65% were sending connection requests.

Value-Based Career Marketing: The 'best-in-class" profiles are written from value proposition perspective. In other words, they demonstrate to viewers what they stand for, how they achieved a unique skill set and how companies would benefit from hiring them. They stand out from the crowd. A staggering 12% follow this mantra of selling their value proposition online. For the 1st 10 that leave a comment on this post at www.manhattangroup.co, happy to send you a free template that will get you noticed from the crowd.

Happy hunting and should you have any questions or need insights, just email me which you will find on my profile. Have a great week!

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