3 top Job Sourcing Channels: Feedly/Google Alerts/Meta Job search

I am certain you are looking forward to the weekend and just on cue, I have prepared some light reading to manage a targeted job search. 

So here we go; my three hot tips to get ahead of the job hunting queue that will support career marketing objective, which we set up in our Career Marketing Optimiser workshop.

Feedly: Is a RSS-feeder. It’s your prime “real-time” job search ferret; the ultimate hub for all your job alerts. Feedly is a job/news aggregator application for web browsers and mobile devices. It compiles feeds from a variety of online sources. Simply sign in and start loading your job sources such as www.indeed.com or www.catererglobal.com to get all your job updates directly to your job lead pipeline. 

Google Alerts: Instead of having to check job-boards every day, simply set up an alert for hospitality companies you are interested in and let this tool do the rest for you. You are likely to be one of the first to see the opening and this will give you a head start. Increasingly today, roles will be filled as soon as somebody qualified applies and not when x number of candidates have been screened and taken through a full and proper HR process. Getting started is simple. Just click on the Google Alerts page and fill in the blanks. Using feedly as your feed, let Google Alerts do its magic.

Job Search Engines: Job aggregators get jobs from a range of job boards, career, and company websites. Traditional job boards such as Monster will charge their customers to post ads, the aggregators can’t do this as they are only linking to the original ad.

The main reason for you to use an aggregator is that you will search through all jobs in one go. You will not find as many results from your search anywhere else. The comprehensive search will pull up results from job. The other reason to use a job search engine is that you centralize it into your RSS feeder. Instead of hopping through 10 job boards per day, just use your favourite aggregator. The time you save can be put to good use for the other aspects of your job search. Here are the best aggregated job boards in order of size:

1. Indeed: Started out back in 2004 and was the trailblazer for all job search engines and is still the largest. Indeed keeps expanding globally and is now available in 19 different country specific versions. My top favorite!

2. SimplyHired: Close runner up to Indeed and definitely a good contender. It looks and feels just like Indeed but SimplyHired has more add-on applications that connects you to social media for easy sharing and research on the jobs you find. Available in 17 countries worldwide.

3. CareerJet: Again a very similar application to Indeed, CareerJet claims to scan over 58,000 websites daily, and it’s available in over 50 countries and in 20 languages.

Remember, all job lead channels should be managed through your RSS feeder. otherwise, its chaos and remained a fractured job search.

Enjoy and as always, you can reach me via my profile or via manhattangroup.co. Have a great weekend!

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